YES, YES, YES its very safe for women to visit Uganda either in a group or by themselves traveling Solo. But we highly recomend you to travel with a guide or a local to make your holiday or visit less dramatic and full of emotional frustrations.

We have hosted many women from all over the world and by the time their safari ended they have all told us, you were right it felt very safe here.

We have not heard wars for a very long time apart from a few places in the North where its now almost 20 years since Kony war happened and the area has gone way past that.

Once in a while during elections we have had a few strikes but the government has got them under control way early. Also we want to aplause opposition leaders for not pushing the public into wars. This has given our country stablity and we are so grateful for it. 

However there are key notes to make:-

If you are traveling by yourself driving yourself

For a woman this will be quite a lot to take on because we have a lot of boda bodas on the road and due to different driving habbits we wouldnt recomend it.

Also most of our inside roads dont have sign posts so it will not be easy for you to get around.

Please avoid very crowded places or be very careful in crowded places, mind your phone, bag and don't wear very expensive jewerly you might attract petty thieves.

If you want to use public means get it from stages or taxi parks, if you are getting it on the road just listen to your heart if its a no then no and if you feel comfortable jump in, but for boda boda riders make sure you tell them you want to be driven very carefully, tell him i will pay a little more for that.

Also be friendly with a positive attitude, we are naturally very kind people and we love happy guests.

Generally our country is very safe during the day for all women but during the night we highly recomend you to minimise your movements or travel in a group.

We know its scary choosing to travel to another country by yourself or with a group and you will want to make sure you have all the facts.

If you are a woman planning to visit our country Uganda for any reasons and you are full of fear with so many questions please feel free to contact us and we will be very happy to advise you with honesty for Free. We wish you a great stay in our Beautiful country Uganda

                              Tusanyuse okulaba meaning we are happy to see you


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