Uganda is an outstanding hiking destination for climbers of bigger mountains and trekkers of small hills, medium sized and high mountains.  its combination of mountainous, hilly and flat landscape in various sections of the country is endowed with two mountains which are major potential destinations for hikers or climbers. The paramount physical feature for mountain trekkers is the magnificent Rwenzori Mountain is south-western Uganda and Mountain Elgon located in Eastern Uganda.

Mountain Rwenzori.The snow capped Rwenzoris, famed in ancient times as the mountains of the moon, offer great and wonderful opportunities to hikers. Running along the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Rwenzori Mountains have now been developed and opened to travelers interested in climbing not only the tallest ranges of Africa but also of the world as well. The Rwenzoris offer some exceptional walking to both trekkers at lower altitudes as well as mountaineers who would like to meet the challenge of ascending to the glacial peaks of over 5100 metres.Hiking of the magical Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda is a in fact an extraordinary experience, the surprises of the soaring glaciers, the beauty of the valley of nine lakes, the bearded lichen hanging from enormous heathers with a background of rock-strewn cliffs, crags and snow-coated summits. The extensive diversity of plants and animals with numerous biological aspects as you go up through different vegetation zones, offers a definitive experience for hiking. Before, this exceptional and stunning hike was unavailable, completely intact and unquestionably among the most attractive climbing on the whole globe.Rwenzori Mountain is among the World Heritage Sites and provides a chance to appreciate the natural world at its finest. The mountain’s plant life varies from thick tropical forest, bamboo forests, montane cloud forests to alpine vegetation and the landscape is beyond doubt fabulous. Higher than 4,500 metres the snow and glaciers enhance that special facet to the marvelous views all through this wholesome mountain collection. The Rwenzori range is an accurate mountain with several ascents and descents, qualifying it a hard ascend, though the panorama and the attractive plant life are unbelievable. The high rain of more than two and a half metres per year, the moss-covered rocks, the solid flora, the high peaks and precipices very tall above to the moss covered valleys and winding streams form a wonderful environment that changes through numerous ecological spheres as you ascend the mountain resulting into true distinctive experience.

Mountain Elgon In eastern Uganda, Mount Elgon with its caldera is pretty another well-liked hiking target for average and high hikers. It is essentially a deeply forested very old volcano with its base covering an area of more than 3000sq km. Although the mountain stands astride at the Kenyan border, its peak, known as Wagagai Peak is found on the side of Uganda. This manifests an amazing mountain climbing experience to tourists who are increasingly fascinated in hiking to reach moderate and high peaks.AAB Tours and Travel avails to you a range of hiking choices from a day to eleven or more to go well with your adventure preferences and trip timetable.


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