Safari Highlights:- Murchison Falls National Park, Kibale National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and  Lake Mburo National Park

Activities:- Mountain Gorilla Trekking, Game drives, boat Cruises, Chimpanzee Trekking, Batwa cultural Trail, souvenir shopping, complimentary cooking and Gomesi wear lesson.


After your flight to Entebbe International Airport, you will be welcomed by our professional guide who will take you to your hotel in the beautiful Entebbe peninsula. This is the only international airport in Uganda and the major inlet/ outlet for travellers. Briefing and any forex needs will be done on this day depending on the arrival time.

Overnight at Protea Hotel on the shores of Lake Victoria.


After breakfast, we shall set off to Uganda’s biggest protected area- Murchison Falls National park. This huge savanna expanse is home to a variety of mammal, bird and reptile species but also the energetic falls and the scenery are unbelievable with the Borass’s palm landscape back dropped by the Victoria Nile, Delta and Albert Nile. We shall have a lunch stopover at Kabalega Dinners and continue through the peaceful Budongo forest and

Overnight at Sambiya Safari Lodge


We shall have an early morning breakfast and head out for the morning game drive. This is so to increase our chances of rare mammal sightings and some of the possible culprits include; the African Lion and Leopard, Spotted Hyena, Stripped jackal, Crested Porcupine, White-tailed Mongoose and other interesting sightings of the African Elephant, Nubian Giraffe, Cape buffalo, Common Warthog, Lelwel’s Hartebeest, Uganda Kob, Defassa Waterbuck, Nile Bushbuck, Patas Monkey, Olive Baboon, and Oribi among others. A beautiful array of more than 400 bird species will also be at your disposal.

We shall have lunch and drive to the jetty for the afternoon boat cruise to the bottom of Murchison falls. This will be on Victoria Nile and some of the possible sightings include the big mammals as they drink and cool off their bodies but also the Nile Crocodile, Nile Monitor Lizard, African Rock Python and birds like the Goliath Heron, Egyptian Plover, African Darter, Saddle-billed Stork, Spur-winged and Egyptian Geese, Malachite, Pied and Giant Kingfishers plus the mighty Shoebill at times. The epitome of the boat ride will be the energetic falls as viewed from the bottom.

Overnight back at Sambiya safari Lodge


This will be quite a distance as compared to other journeys as we transfer from Bunyoro Kingdom to Tooro Kingdom which is historically a son to the former. It is very scenic through the Busingiro and Butiaba escarpments with a beautiful view of Lake Albert, the typical villages with settlements and gardens, large tea plantations and interlocking hills among others. We shall have lunch enroute and later check in at our lodge in Kibale Forest-the primate capital of the world and relax.

Overninght at Turaco Treetops safari Lodge


After our breakfast, we shall head out to the park headquarters for briefing prior to Chimp tracking. This park is a mid-altitude rain forest where lowland and highland species overlap and this explains the high species’ diversity. Briefing will help you with the dos and don’ts while with the chimps but also how to maximize your chances while in the forest.

This is a very exciting day as we interface with our closest cousins- the chimps but also because Kibale is the primate capital of the world and more than 15 primate species are at our disposal with no extra cost. The trek is normally half day depending on where the chimps are and some of the possible primates include; the Common Chimpanzee, Olive Baboon, L’hoest, Blue, and Red-tailed Monkeys, Red and Guereza Colobus Monkeys, Uganda Mangabey and other mammals like the Elephant, Buffalo, Civet and Duikers. The forest is also a great birding destination with over 300 species including the best chances of seeing the Green-breasted Pitta in Africa. Return back at the lodge.

Overninght at Turaco Treetops safari Lodge


We shall have breakfast and head to Tinka’s Homestead for our local cooking class. This is another exciting activity as it gives the garden to plate and mouth concept-typical in a Ugandan home. We will see how we cook our food traditionally and we shall take part in all processes with the most craved being eating what we have cooked. We shall later transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park right at the floor of the Albertine Riftvalley. This park boosts of the highest biodiversity rankings in the world due to the varied habitats here from the rain forest, wetlands, rift valley lakes, savanna grasslands, woodlands and bushes and thickets.

Overnight at Kasenyi Safari Lodge


Queen Elizabeth is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve where people and wildlife share the same habitat and the park is home to a selection of beautiful landscapes from the explosion craters, the rift valley escarpments and lakes, and the views of the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains. It is also famous of the tree climbing lions of Ishasha in the southern part of this home to over 90 mammals and an average of 612 bird species.

After an early morning breakfast, we shall head out to Kasenyi plains in search of game and depending on nature’s will, we shall see the Savanna elephant (the biggest land mammal), herds of buffaloes, Uganda Kob, Defassa Waterbuck, Nile Bushbuck, Common Warthog, Giant Forest Hog as well as big cats like the Leopard and Lion not forgetting the laughing Hyenas which dominate the wild songs especially in the nights. We shall crown our game drive with a visit to the salt lake which has a community craft market for shopping.


We shall head back to the lodge for relaxation before lunch and then head to the Kazinga channel jetty for a lifetime experience on this natural water body. The afternoon boat cruise will expose us to several other goodies like the fishing village, thousands of Hippos, crocodiles, Monitor lizard and an assorted list of water birds. Other big mammals come to the channel for drinking and bathing in the hot hours of this Equator centered park. Some of the birds expected include; lack-headed Gonolek, Martial Eagle, White-backed, Hooded and Lappet-faced Vultures, African Fish Eagle, Water Thick-knee, African Skimmer and Spoonbill, Hamerkop, Pied and Malachite Kingfishers, Wattled, Senegal and Spur-winged Lapwings, Red-necked Francolin and Lesser Flamingos among many others. Return back to the lodge,

Overnight at Kasenyi Safari Lodge


Very early in the morning after breakfast, you will set off for Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This is a totally different environment from Queen Elizabeth and on your way you will enjoy scenic views of the Kigezi highlands which will remind you of the movie “sound of music”. We shall arrive at the lodge in Rushaga, the southern part of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Check in at the lodge and relax preparing for your gorilla trek the following day.

Overnight at Ichumbi Safari lodge


This is a once in a lifetime experience and on this day, we shall head to the park offices for gorilla tracking registration, briefing, and entertainment. We shall trek and penetrate the impenetrable forest and this journey can take us a few hours to a full day experience depending on what nature decides and it’s for this reason that you will take packed lunch boxes. Meeting the gentle giants especially looking in their eyes of the adult females makes one awestruck at how we are so closely related to the gorillas. We shall spend about an hour with the gorillas as they go through their daily activities and then head back at the lodge to enjoy our photos as we meditate about our experience.

Bwindi is home to more than 20 Albertine rift endemics and on your way to see the gorillas, you may land on some of them especially birds like the Handsome Francolin, Regal Sunbird, Bar-tailed Trogon, Strange Weaver, Purple-breasted Sunbird, Rwenzori Batis and Turaco among many others. Other mammals include; African Elephant, Rwenzori Duiker, L’hoest, Blue, Vervet and Red-tailed Monkeys, Olive Baboon, Mantled Guereza Colobus Monkey, Giant Forest Hog, Common Chimpanzee as well as the beautiful Rwenzori Three-horned Chameleon.

Overnight at Ichumbi Safari lodge


Wake up to a leisurely breakfast and then have our memorable gomesi wear class, this activity will have a lot of funny photo poses and video making while you are wearing your gomesi, We will share with you the history and lifestyle of the Gomesi for women in Uganda. Ofcourse you will go back with the gomesi as a gift from the company.


After our Gomesi photo shoot prepare for yet another adventure around the park as you visit the indigenous natives-the Batwa. They have lived their entire lives to current generations by hunting and gathering in the forest. The visit to the Batwa invariably involves songs and a dance demonstration, and once the music begins you can’t help but notice that they project a genuine pride in themselves. You shall then return to the lodge for lunch and relax

Overnight at Ichumbi Safari lodge


After breakfast, we shall then drive through Kigezi highlands to the interlocking hills full of banana plantations and cattle farms in Ankore. We shall later check in at our lodge in Lake Mburo NP, have lunch and relax a bit as we await our evening game drive. This is Uganda’s smallest savanna park with a habitat exactly like that of northern Tanzania dominated by Savanna woodlands and it gets the name from one of the many lakes here called Mburo which has interesting cultural stories on how it was created. Some of the possible sightings include; the Hippo, Nubian giraffe, Cape buffalo, leopard, Plain zebra and impala among others.

Overnight at Rwakobo Rock lodge


After an early morning cup of coffee, we shall drive out to the scenic park in search of game and other nature offers. Some of the mammals expected include; the Impala, Common eland, Topi, Warthog, Plain Zebra, Nubian Giraffe, Nile Bushbuck, Defassa Waterbuck, Cape Buffalo, Dwarf Mongoose, Leopard, Spotted Hyena and one male Lion among others. The bird species include; Lilac-breasted roller, Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove, Brubru, Black-collared and Crested Barbets, Trilling Cisticola, Tropical Boubou, Grey-headed and Stripped Kingfishers, Black, African and Red-chested Cuckoos, Palm-nut and White-backed Vultures among many others. There are also regular sightings of the Central African Rock Python.

We shall then check out and call it the end of our beautiful Uganda tour. The rest of the day will be a drive to the Entebbe Airport depending on our flight time.


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