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At Women Tour Uganda we love gossip and to tell you about what is happening to us, What is happening in Uganda. We know you are inquisitive about Uganda and guess what, we are happy to give you all the juice hahahhahahah.

Please enjoy our blog and we hope our stories will make you smile or say awwww.

Is it Safe for Women to visit Uganda

YES, YES, YES its very safe for women to visit Uganda either in a group or by themselves traveling Solo. But we highly recomend you to travel with a guide or a local to make your holiday or visit less dramatic and full of emotional frustrations. We have hosted many women from all over the world and by the time their safari ended they have all told us, you were right it felt very safe here. We ha ....

Safari Promotions

Fellow Solo Female travelers if there is anything i get excited of is a promotion, i loooove promotions and because of this feeling that i get when i see a good promotion, we would love to share that same feeling with you. Below are our Safari promotions or discounts for you to enjoy with the time frames they come with every year.  1. We are giving 150usd discount per lady If you ....

Uganda Airlines Inflight magazine Publish

AYIYIYIIYIYIYIIYIYI Oh my God hahahhahahah, Our gorilla trekking story was selected and published in the Uganda Airlines Ngaali inflight magazine. Thanks a lot to our incredible guest and partner Ms Lisa Emogen Eldridge world solo traveler award winner for this beautiful article and for giving us such a wonderful achievement. Thanks a billion times to Uganda Airlines inflight magazine for m ....

We featured in Germany Voice 4 Africa News

Ohhhh my God, We are super excited to feature in the Voice 4 Africa / KPRN Network news in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. There things that happen to us and sometimes we think we are dreaming. hahahahah okay okay i pinched myself just to confirm i was a awake.   Please enjoy this article below about Women empower women, Sustainable Africa tourism in female hands.   Thanks a lot Vo ....

French Embassy Uganda Mention

Bonjour! Guess what !!  French Embassy in Uganda Tweeted Women Tour Uganda hahahahahhahah. What a great day and incredible opportunity to be choosen among 150 ugandan enterpreneurs under the NISAT project that is funded by the French Embassy in Uganda and organised by the Stanbic business incubator to Moderate the Ecofeminism Panel! The happiness, excitement and panic is too high t ....

We Hosted a French Influencer

Imagine being selected from so many Ugandan Safari companies by a French Travel blogger / influencer to be featured in her experience visiting Uganda. Honestly we danced out of joy and screemed to the top of our voices and said AYIYIYIYIYIIYI a billion times hahhahahah. Merci Beaucoup Ms Sandy of Abena Africa for choosing Women Tour Uganda hahahahaha. We are super grateful for hosting you a ....

We won a pitching competition

AYIYIYIIYIYIYIYIIYIIYIYI We won..... we won, we won hahahhahaha, Forgive our excitement but with the too much pressure and tight competition we are super excited that we have won this pitching competition. Imagine the noise we have made when they announced Women Tour Uganda hahahahah. We will use our Prize money to market Women Tour Uganda more and encourage many women from all over the worl ....

Uganda is Ebola FREE

AYIYIYIIYIYIYIYII  Finally Uganda is declared Ebola FREE !!! I must admit, its very scary to even think about visiting a country that is having a pandemic. No matter the adventure, Life and health comes first. We only have one life. Thanks to World Health Organisation and Uganda ministry of health for declaring Uganda Ebola free. CNN run the story about this major success. Thanks a billion t ....

We featured in Daily monitor paper

In life there are things that happen to us that are too good to be true, You pinch yourself just to make sure you are not dreaming hahahahha. This is one of those moments. We have featured in The Daily Monitor news paper two pages covering our Impact success story Of Women Tour Uganda. We thank the Academy for Women entrepreneurs and the United States Misson in Uganda for this great opportunity, ....

Gorilla Trekking with UKs Solo Traveler Award Winner

Hosting a Female Solo Traveler award winner is one of the wow moments of any enterpreneur in tourism hahahahah, a guest who is trusted, listened to, a big voice in female solo travel and a huge expert in that area is one of the most service quality test you will ever experience. Aaaaaaa we did it, it was so much fun hosting Ms Lisa Eldridge from the United Kingdom and guess what she shared her so ....

Thank you for our Award

Ayiyiyiyiyiyiiyi Thank you Embassy of France in Uganda and Stanbic Business Incubator for this incredible Award. Thanks a lot for giving us the opportuinty to lead our fellow entrepreneurs in the NISAT program. It was a great educational whole year and we have achieved so much from the program. We will forever be grateful for the life changing opportunity and above all for our Award hahahahah it ....

US Mission Uganda Mention

No one can understand the rush of excitement, fire in our hearts after seeing the US Mission Uganda mention Women Tour Uganda's managing director Ms Irene Nalwoga on their social media pages congratulating her on her successful enterpeneurship compelling story. In Uganda we say AYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYI when we are super excited and happy and imagine how many of those we have done today hahhahaha.  ....

Women only FREE phone call

Ladies Coming to a new country for any reason can be nerve recking, scaring, intimidating and above all emotionally draining. The fear of change, fear of the unknown can lead to extreme anxiety and sleepless nights. We have started FREE consultation to any woman coming from all over the world planning to come to Uganda for any specific reason. You can send us an email on irene@womentouruganda.com ....

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