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Uganda Golf Course

As the name suggests golf is the main activity at the Uganda Golf Club (UGC). Played on a championship course that has several distinctive features, the game of golf has thrown up many thrills and spins at UGC over the past 100 years.

The Uganda Golf Course moved its present location at Kitante in 1907 from the original 2km away in Wandegeya.  The British colonial administrators were instrumental in establishing the The course.

Uganda Golf Course has 18 holes with length of 6684 yard and par 72. It requires thoughtful play even while you enjoy the fantastic setting in the heart of the capital city, Kampala. The natural elevation changes and the Kitante creek which runs through the course provide a great test. Another feature of the golf club is the natural grass range, which gives you the honest feedback you need to improve your game.



Uganda Golf Course is sorrounded by a lot of Tourism cites and activities which include:-

  • The Uganda Museum, there’s plenty to interest you here with a varied and well-captioned ethnographic collection covering clothing, hunting, agriculture, medicine, religion and recreation meu(get the low-down on banana beer), as well as archaeological and natural history displays. Highlights include traditional musical instruments, some of which you can play, and the fossil remains of a Napak rhino, a species that became extinct eight million years ago. Head outside to wander through the traditional thatched homes of the various tribes of Uganda, plus get a look at Idi Amin's presidential Mercedes.
  • Mengo Palace, Built in 1922 Mengo Palace is the former home of the king of Buganda, though it has remained empty since 1966 when Prime Minister Milton Obote ordered a dramatic attack to oust Kabaka Mutesa II (then president of Uganda). Led by the forces of Idi Amin, soldiers stormed the palace and, after several days of fighting, Mutesa was forced to flee and live in exile in the UK. The interior of the attractive palace remains off limits to tourists.
  • Kasubi Tombs, is also the place to arrange a guide to the more low-key Buganda royal sights of Wamala Tombs , 11km north of Kasubi, and the less interesting Tomb of Nnamasole Kanyange , 4km from the Wamala Tombs.
  • Namugongo shrines, located in Namugongo, this shrine marks the spot where Kabaka Mwanga II ordered the execution of 14 Catholics who refused to denounce their faith, including church leader Charles Lwanga who was burnt alive on or around 3 June 1886 – which is now celebrated as Martyrs’ Day. The shrine represents an African hut but looks more like something built by NASA than the Catholic church.
  • The parliament house, Open to the public, a visit to parliament is an interesting way to spend an hour or two. You can either tour the building, or see the government in action – parliament sits from 2:30pm Tuesday to Thursday and is conducted in English. You need to visit the public relations department (Room 114) to arrange a visit, and make a written request to see question time. Usually you can arrange a visit on the spot. You’ll need to bring an identification card and be decently dressed. In the main lobby look out for the huge wooden cultural map of Uganda featuring the country’s flora and fauna.



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