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Our women Golfing Safaris are designed in a Unique, Memorable way where you play rounds of golf and visit different wildlife tour destinations.
All our rounds are 18 holes on the major golf course in uganda with beautiful greens, challenging fare ways, bunkers and very proffesional cardies.
Expect to play on some of the following golf courses in Uganda:-
  •  Entebbe Golf course
  • Jinja Golf Course
  • Garuga Kihihi Golf Course
  • Toro Golf Course
  • Lugazi Golf Course
  • Uganda Golf Course
Our Golfing Packages are on Full board and always be sure of a very good climate throught the year. Safety is apriority while serving our women. Enjoy your golfing safari with us.
Below are some of the Itineraries for our women golfing safaris. However, we can tailor make your itinerary to your specifications.

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