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Why we chose to serve women?

Women Tour Uganda is owned and run by women which makes us understand exactly what women expect on a safari. We are proud members of The Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) and members of Entebbe Golf Club.

Women work so hard in life both at work and at home. They naturally pay attention to details to the extent that even in their dreams, they dream of lists of errands to run the following day.

Its very easy to forget yourself, sorrounded with all going on in your life because a woman is a center of every family, friends, children, spouses and comunity.

At Women Tour Uganda we say please, stop for a while and think about yourself for once. Life is too short, you only live once, you need a treat,nyonyi pampering and a woman safari time.

Its time to love yourself and bring back the girl in you. It takes courage and sacrifice for a woman to choose days and say am going on a safari far away from the normal routine of life.

Thats why we go out of our way to make all our women safaris exceptionally memorable for all our guests. Our safaris are combined with comfort, respect, integrity, memories, long time friends, proffesional driver/guides, effecient bookings, panctuality, faithfulness and above all safety for our women.

Dear fellow women, you deserve a safari so go for it.



Below are the pillars of Women Tour Uganda who happily work together to serve you to your satisfaction. Behind every great brand is a great team.


irene Name:- Ms Irene Nalwoga

 Position:- Managing director

 Tel:- 0782 920 250


 About her:-

I enjoy meeting women from all over the world because i know all of us are gifted differently. Every single woman i have met in my life i have learnt something new. Much as we are differently gifted, there is one thing that we share in common is being a woman and doing what you are expected of as a woman.

I understand the challenges we face and perharps some of them i have gone through, thats why we decided to serve women on their safari holidays because i know we work so hard and sometimes we forget ourselves. All of us need a friend that will remind you of that holiday you deserve to take. Let me be that friend who will give you a the memorable Safari in Uganda.





pauName:- Mr Nkata Paul

Position:- Driver / Guide

Tel:- 0758 920 250


About him:- I respect and adore women because i know they impact a lot in every child's life. Being a father, a son, a husband and a brother to great women, i have seen and felt the struggle they go through trying to put things right at home, at school and at work. I believe they always need a break from it all, for relaxing and enjoying nature to refresh there minds. Thats why i avail my self to drive and guide you to any tourism destination of your choice under maximum safefty in Uganda.





masitName:- Ms Mastullah Nakato

Position:- Accountant / HR

Tel:- 0785 843 389


About her:-  With me  nature comes to life in Uganda from the green thick forests to the deep blue waters. To top it all a variety of wild animals, birds, culture, honeymoon  destinations and many more. Am a proud Ugandan and i love Tourism


 We are represented on website.

Our Vision
To be the unequalled Safari service provider in our women selected markets.

Our  Mission

To extend the cutting edge business models focusing on giving safari business that extra touch by providing value addition to our travelling women.

Our Core Values

P  -  Professionalism
I  -   Integrity
R  -  Reliability
A  -  Adventurous

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